Dylan and Tasha Updates


July 21st, 2013:

Tasha is happy in her home and continues to do well.






Dylan's current weight is 140 lbs. He has built up muscle mass in his left leg and it has healed well.

He goes for walks and ambulates well around the house and yard. He's a beauty!
He will have surgery on his right knee in August.

Tasha and Dylan came into NPD's Rescue in August of 2012. I and the NPD Board greatly appreciate every single monetary donation given for their care and rehab; the discounts from the orthopedic surgeons; and the time and effort of Christy Mara for the continued daily care of Dylan.

Thank you to those in the Newfoundland community across the country who gave NewPenDel the means to support Dylan and Tasha. You indeed saved their lives.

Diane Lynch
Rescue Chair


March 25th, 2013:

Dylan waiting for his P/T to start!  He walks right into the treadmill on his own and waits for Dr. Helen!




February 14th, 2013:

Dylan truly enjoying his physical therapy!








January 15th, 2013:

Dylan had a second surgery on his left knee in early December. The procedure went very well; there was no sign of infection; and he is healing and happy with his foster mom, Christy Mara. He is going for physical therapy twice a week and also has p/t at home. When his leg is stronger, he will go for water treadmill exercise as well.
Dylan should have his final surgery, fingers and paws crossed, on his right knee for a torn ACL in March or Apri



Tasha went for a check up in early January.

                      She too is doing very well. Her family is helping her to gain muscle mass in her legs.




Thanks again to Newf lovers across the country for your concern, letters, emails, phone calls and monetary donations for Dylan and Tasha.

We could not help a dog like Dylan without your support!



November 7th, 2012:

Tasha has recovered very well from her knee surgery for a torn ACL. Her foster family has decided to adopt her.

Dylan had surgery on his left knee in early September. He acquired an infection in the knee and has been on antibiotics since that time. In early December he will have repeat surgery on the left leg as his patella is still luxated. At a later date he will have surgery on his right knee for the torn ACL. Dylan will require extensive physical therapy.

We thank everyone from across the United States and NewPenDel who have made a donation to the special needs fund created to help defray the costs of the surgeries and physical therapy for Dylan and Tasha. You may still make a donation at any time by check or pay pal.

We also thank the veterinarians for discounting the costs of the surgeries and the foster volunteers for their time, effort and devotion to these two Newfoundland dogs.

Happy Dylan, content with a toy while awaiting surgery





Tasha enjoying attention with her new family


September 17th, 2012:

Tasha had TPLO surgery on her right knee for a torn ACL on August  30.  She is recuperating in foster care and doing well.  She will be available for adoption by the end of October.

Dylan had surgery on his left knee on Sept. 5.  The good news is that Dylan did not have a torn ACL as previously diagnosed, but "only" a luxating patella.  He is recuperating in foster care.  He will have surgery on his right knee for a torn ACL in early or mid-October.  Dylan will also require twice weekly visits to the physical therapist for a minimum of 6 weeks to improve his mobility and quality of life.

A huge thank you to the foster families who stepped up to care for Tasha and Dylan.  Your devotion of time and effort to these dogs is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who has already donated to the "special needs fund" for Tasha and Dylan.  Funds are still needed, however.  ANY amount is appreciated to get these two Newfs the care required to give them a normal, healthy, happy life with responsible owners.  That is what Rescue is all about.  Thanks again for your support.  

Diane Lynch

Rescue Chairman






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